Database management system
A database management system (DBMS) is a system solution that allows you to organize, store, maintain and retrieve data to obtain meaningful trends, solutions and reports.

With globalization, acquisitions and mergers are becoming an everyday phenomenon, increasing the size and scope of businesses to new heights. Companies use this open business environment to provide services and products to a wide range of consumers around the world. In order to survive in this open market environment and monitor consumer trends, constant and careful monitoring of data is necessary. This importance of data and how to maintain and process it for effective analysis and research has given way to modern database management systems.

Due to this extensive dependence on data, database management has become a necessity for modern businesses. Today, databases form the backbone of all businesses and are key to their success, especially e-commerce businesses such as banking, insurance, stocks, ticketing, retail, telecommunications, etc. Databases help companies store information in an organized manner and help in retrieving specific information or trends through queries.

Database Design and Development at Software Sorcerers
We at Software Sorcerersutilize the latest technology more effectively and offer database design and development services that give you a competitive edge in your business. We offer database design and development services for various sectors such as e-commerce, finance and healthcare etc. Our database applications are flexible, client-centric and designed to meet your business needs.

Data modeling is the first step before database conception, design or development. On the other hand, databases form the basis for other types of business processes or solutions, such as data warehouses, data marts, data reporting, data mining, data analysis, data auditing, etc.

Our expertise in data modeling, data reporting, data warehousing and data mining ensures that a database management system is designed and developed to meet the current and future needs of your business.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are highly skilled in database design and development and are experienced in handling various database tools.

Database tools
Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, IMS, DB2, MS Access and RPG.
Our database design and development services are focused on both small inventory display and complex integrated system applications such as financial services, telecommunication services, etc. We will also help you choose the right technology and the right platform to design and develop a database application that will meet your company's long-term vision.

We place special emphasis on the database design and development process to create a robust application. Our experienced database design and development team ensures that the database application is well designed or programmed to prevent any breach of data security as an insecure database product or a database product without secure coding/programming poses a potential risk to the safety and security of the entire database of sensitive information.

Our database design and development process includes the following stages:

  • Analysis of business processes and definition of business requirements
  • Preparation of detailed design specifications
  • Planning available resources and planning timelines.
  • Development of initial design/prototype for client review.
  • Incorporation of database application revision and development
  • Component and integrated system testing.
  • Preparation of installation files and final outputs.
  • Providing technical support/documentation for final deliverables.
  • Database application maintenance/upgrade based on additional business requirements.