Visual representation of information creates greater impact, and visual representation, when enhanced by the art of graphic design, becomes a formidable element of a marketing strategy. Authentic graphic design combines creativity and functionality to convey accurate information to viewers, thereby defining a differentiating brand for an advertiser.

Graphic design finds its application as a medium to enhance the transfer of knowledge carried out through various channels, from billboards, business logos and product/service advertisements to technical diagrams.

Graphic design methodology
Effective graphic design is the result of in-depth insight into client requirements, business communication goals, target audience behavior, and best practices applicable to every form of advertising medium. Our graphic design methodology includes the following stages:

Briefing of graphic design services
Designing a logo

A logo is a brand identity. Reflects the brand's quality, values, commitment and integrity and is responsible for creating an initial impression of respect and trust with customers regarding the brand's products/services.

At Software Sorcerers, our creative professionals create graphic designs that are visually appealing, relevant, interesting, innovative, persuasive, inspiring and successful in persuading your audience to learn more about your brand. We also digitize and vectorize existing logos in various formats for print and web applications.

We offer various types of Logo Design including

Text Logo
Image Logo
Combination of image and text
Logo with initials
Animated 2D/3D logos

With our expertise in logo design, we can create

A design that has a simple concept, an elegant style, is easy to understand and easily appeals to your audience
An elite logo that arouses interest in the brand

Graphic design for corporate companies and print media
Software Sorcerers offers graphic design services for a variety of branding media, including business cards, company logos, company brochures, trade publications, sales presentation folders, catalog sheets, book covers, custom invitations and more, each designed to achieve a marketing objective or enhance a product/service.

Interface design/front-end development
Graphical design allows for enhanced user interactivity with a web or software interface. Our graphic designers work closely with your software and web developers, combining creative skills with technical skills to design graphical interfaces that are easy to use and enhance user interaction with a website or software application.

Icon Design
Icon design is a significant aspect of interface design that provides a simplified version of a concept to the user. It is a process in which computer programs, functions or data are represented in the form of small graphics. Icon graphics improve concept clarity by simplifying even complex concepts. We offer custom software and web icons that feature rich image quality, stylish design, and tell the user exactly what they represent.

Development of Flash graphics
Flash expands the range of visual representation of creativity and enables the development of a variety of vivid, cool and unique Flash websites. We design partial/full graphic websites for corporate and personal websites. We have a team of Flash developers with expertise in creating simple to complex Flash designs that are stunning in style, effectively describe the nature of the business/website and provide a truly immersive visual experience to viewers.

Graphics/Flash optimization for SEO search engines
Search engine compatibility is a major concern when designing flash websites and graphics. Although flash web pages and graphic designs increase the appeal of web pages, they can significantly slow down web page loading if the files are very large. More heavy graphics require more bandwidth capacity. Slow loading websites and bandwidth requirements can turn away audience interest and reduce website traffic. The process of Optimizing graphics and Flash components serves as an effective solution.

Optimization involves reducing the size of graphics or flash files without compromising the quality of the graphics or flash design. Reducing the file size will increase the speed of the graphics/flash download to the visitor's browser. Reducing the file size without reducing the richness of the graphics/flash while maintaining suitable internet levels for graphics display is an optimization challenge and requires knowledge and expertise in image/graphics formatting.

The graphic designers, Flash developers and SEO specialists at Software Sorcerers have extensive experience in graphic optimization. They work together to resize/optimize graphics without compromising quality, so they take up less disk space, load faster, perform better, and reduce overall bandwidth. Optimizing flash movies through file compression makes it easy to download movies even with a dial-up Internet connection.